[RC232] Question regarding RC232 in Star mode (many to one). If more than node will transmit at same to central point – will RC232 protocol queue data somehow, or there will be collision or data will be lost?

If many nodes transmit to the same “master” at the same timeon RC232, there is likely to have collision already on the RF link, and the messages will never be received. There is no queueing in the module, it handles packets one-by-one. If the packets are too close to each other, some will be lost.

In this sort of applications, the users used to create a randomization on the nodes: i.e. each transmits with a random delay calculated based on their ID, etc. This is to minimize packet loss.

    Last Update: August 8, 2017  

    December 13, 2016   1647    RC232 Q&A