[RC232] “We are drawing a new board which used your module RC1180. We are in a final phase. For the interface with the our µC, we connected only the pins : – RxD & TxD for module configuration and normal use for communication – Pin Reset, Pin 19, Pin 20 : for future programming (case of firmware update) Also, we connected the pin Vcc and ground with recommandations described in your data sheet. I would like to know, if we can use functions of test carrier transmit, modulation transmit and permanent receipt with only the pins RxD and TxD (RTS, CTS and config not connected to our µC but available on test pads). Do you have a procedure to put this module in test mode. For a firmware upgrade, could you confirm us that we need only Pin 19, 20 and reset ? “

“It is correct that you only need RxD and TxD for module configuration and normal use. CONFIG, RTS and CTS are optional.

To set the module in test mode you need to enter configuration mode by sending 0x00 to RxD and wait for ‘>’ (0x3E) on TxD . Then enter Test mode 1 you send ‘1’ (0x31) to RxD and wait for ‘>’ (0x3E) on TxD again. Optionally you may enter config by assert CONFIG pin low instead of sending 0x00 on RxD.

For firmware upgrade you need Pin 19, pin 20, Reset, GND and VCC as described in the datasheet page 16.

    Last Update: November 9, 2017  

    November 9, 2017   2279    RC232 Q&A