[RIIM] Please describe the steps that are happening when a new node is introduced in a RIIM network and how that will know the address.

Addresses are used on many different levels. First of all, each node has a HW ID (EUI/IEEE address). This is hard coded in the module. When joining a 6LoWPAN network the nodes receive an IPv6 address, but also a short 2-byte address for local use.

The border router gets all new devices and has a total overview. It can also read the HW ID.

So all the nodes know their own addresses and the border router has the complete overview. If a device needs to know the address of other devices, this process is called service discovery. This is handled on the application layer, but might use

  1. a) user interaction(button) or
  2. b) a central tool/app.

Multicast is a very good feature to use here.

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