[SIGFOX] How do I do the Sigfox certification

“The P2 certification is quite simple.
– You will need to fill a checklist what you can get from certificationp2@sigfox.com.
– You will need to generate 10 packets yourself and note the date of transmissions, so they can have a look in the system (frequency hopping and repetition).
– You will need to provide a device with an explanation how to activate “test mode 1”. It is up to your product how to do that.
– They will perform a radiation test in a certified lab (vertical and horizontal polarization scan). Basically they test the antenna and the whole product. If the radiated values are under the SIGFOX limits, you will get a SIGFOX certificate.

What you will still need to get is to have a CE mark for European Compliancy. SIGFOX is less strict about the maximum radiation (they allow up to +16dBm), but the CE mark restricts on +14dBm.

    Last Update: September 14, 2017  

    September 14, 2017   1655    SIGFOX Q&A