[W-MBUS] “I have been asked to evaluate the possibility of incorporating a wireless MBus solution into an existing wired MBus device and came across your products in a technical magazine. What other additional devices, other than the module, may be necessary to create a small scale network. We are familiar with all aspects of electronic design so need only the basics. “

“The module is a complete embedded RF unit, with all the wireless M-Bus protocol embedded inside the module.

The module can act as a master, slave repeater and consentrator. This is specified in the user manual for module.

The module is also available with pulse interface option, then the module can read the pulses directly.

You can use the demo board or the USB kit as a reader/consentrator. I recommend the USB demo board since this has quarterwave stub antenna and has a more real performance of a consentrator. The PC software has a packet generator and a packet sniffer, to make your development easier.

    Last Update: December 20, 2017  

    December 20, 2017   1219    Wireless M-Bus Q&A