[W-MBUS] “The configuration process with bus-CCT v1.02 will work fine. The problem is that they can’t send and receive data The T1 mode is their priority – RF_Channel = 12 – RF_Data_rate = 3 – MBUS Mode = 1 A test with a spectrum analyser will show no transmission. A test in reception mode does not show any reception. “

In configuration mode it is important to enter test mode 3 before you go back to normal operation. Alternatively you may also reset the module after leaving configuration mode. You should now be able to send MBUS packets as long as you follow the guideline on how the UART packet format should be. That is you need to start the UART message with the packet length as described in the enclosed quick start.

    Last Update: November 9, 2017  

    November 9, 2017   1367    Wireless M-Bus Q&A