[W-MBUS] “i tried to use with 2 demo boards the mailbox feature on a master but I failed , I didn’t see any reply fom master to slave in packet sniffer. Is it implicit ? “

) Select a CI field that require 12 byte header and use the template option when writing to the mailbox. This will take out any uncertainties of typo in the mailbox application layer. For simplicity also uncheck all flags in the MAILBOX (0x16) location of the configuration memory. See MBUS User Manual page 34 for details. Un-checking all flags ensures that the master replies from the mailbox on each salve message (no auto clear of flag register), and that no additional validation are performed on the last 4 bytes of the 12 byte application header prior to the reply. If you user MBUS-DEMO you will find the MAILBOX flags in the ‘Module Quick setup’ tab. Note also that before you can use the mailbox you need to install the slave to master, and set the correct mailbox number in the flag register for this installed meter. In MBUS-DEMO you will find the ‘flag register’ tab in the ‘Concentrator Install Emulator’. The flag register is set by the ‘A’ command as described in the MBUS User Manual.

    Last Update: September 22, 2017  

    September 22, 2017   1545    Wireless M-Bus Q&A