[W-MBUS] “If they use MBUS protocol , must they follow the protocol for wake up/ sleep? They will connect the slave with a Micro so the slave will be awake by the micro. In this case can the customer control the transmission times from the slave without following the protocol. “

. If they do not need to follow the OMS system specification they can implement any proprietary wireless solution benefit by using the Wireless MBUS module from Radiocrafts. They are free to use the module as they like, as long as they take into account the regulatory requirements on TX duty cycle. Other than that they can wake up the Module as much as they like and transmit MBUs packets. The 15 min period I mentioned to you was if you follow the OMS, and this period enable 15-20 years battery power metering systems.

    Last Update: December 20, 2017  

    December 20, 2017   1326    Wireless M-Bus Q&A