[Wireless M-Bus] “The W MBus network will contain repeaters to transmit data from 868 MHz to 169 MHz. We want repeaters in Battery operated mode. 1. We plan to put Repeaters in long sleep mode and arrival of packet from nodes would wake Repeater. This design would be similar to Data collector/Concentrator design envisaged in Wireless M Bus specs. Alternatively we can design time synchronized wake-up algorithm so that all nodes wake up at the same time (including repeater) and after data transmission, all nodes go back to sleep mode. What would you recommend?”

The MBUS3 module from Radiocrafts supports one way repeater functionality according the OMS. The repeater must be active all time to comply with OMS and battery power repeaters (sleeping repeater) is not part of the wireless standard yet. There are working tasks in the standardization group to include two way repeater functionality and even sleeping slaves, but for now only one way solution is supported by the standard. The Radiocrafts modules (MBUS and RC232) do however support sleep mode and wake-up commands, and you can as you suggest implement your own proprietary synchronized wake-up algorithm if needed. You cannot wake up a sleeping module by RF signal so the first approach is not possible.

    Last Update: September 14, 2017  

    September 14, 2017   1588    Wireless M-Bus Q&A