[ZNM] “We have started a design with TI’s ZNP solution (CC2530). We where also interested in adding the PA/LNA chip (CC2591) for extended range. Based on what I found on the web, this is the same architecture you use in your RC2400HP-ZNM module. I like this module because it’s very compact. My first question would be if we can use the ZNP version of the stack with this? I would guess so, but a confirmation would be appreciated. I’m interested to do a comparison between building our own PCB with TI parts or simply integrate your module. “

“Yes, the module can be used with ZNP. We already have this functionality embedded in our ZNM- modules.

There are a couple of important differences between usinga chip-set and our module.

1. Preformance, gettingthe best preformance is not necessary easy
2. FCC/IC approval. We are in the middle of FCC/IC certifying our module
We also have a different physical form of the module with embedded chip antenna or U.FL connector.
We need to look into using an inverted F antenna. The FCC certification will be valid for a set with antenna and currently inverted F PCB antenna is not part of that.
It is easier if you could use the chip antenna RC2411HP-AT
3. Testing 100 % of our modules are tested in a test robot(ATS).
4.Stability. We spent the most time in design/verification to get the CC2591 stable for all temperatures and voltages.
5. Time to market. Estimate 1 year from design starts until product is finalized with chip design.

    Last Update: November 9, 2017  

    November 9, 2017   1558    ZNM Q&A