RIIM 2.0: Radiocrafts Just Released a Major Upgrade To Our State-of-the-Art Mesh Solution

Radiocrafts’ industry-leading wireless IP Mesh network, RIIM, just got better with a major upgrade including various modern, innovative and industry-changing features.

The new features now supported by RIIM include:

  • (TSCH) Time-Synchronised Channel Hopping which was designed to make a mesh with less packet collision and higher reliability. A TSCH network has proven to have a reliability of 99.99%
  • All nodes in a RIIM network are time synchronised with less than 1ms accuracy which supports the management of exact start and stop times for certain events. Watch a demo video on Time-Synchronisation here.
  • Adaptive Frequency Agility and Listen-Before-Talk features allow for high-throughput networking with minimal packet loss by taking the allowed duty cycle in Europe from 1% to 37%. This means the data throughput can now be increased x37. Watch a demo video on AFA here.
  • One-hop or local multicast enables a node to only send data to its neighbour nodes allowing for less network traffic, less latency, and less network flooding. This is important in e.g. adaptive streetlighting where one light pole wants to share some data with the nearby light poles.
  • Added SLIP to the RIIM Border Router which enables IPv6 packets over UART to an external processor. This is typical in a Linux based system where routing rules and packet forwarding can be set up easily.
  • A new PHY/MAC layer is now supported as well. This is a frequency hopping mode on 20 channels which are used in the 915 – 928 MHz band intended for use in Australia/New Zealand.

Operating in the sub-1GHz bands using a state-of-the-art radio protocol, high RF power, and frequency hopping makes RIIM the ultimate mesh network in terms of range, reliability, security, and throughput!

Watch the webinar we hosted on RIIM 2.0 describing these industry-changing features here!  

Radiocrafts module


Read more about RIIM here.

Get all the benefits from RIIM 2.0 in the new RIIM SDK 2.0 which is downloadable here.

Find all the documentation you need including the newly updated RIIM SDK User Manual and Quick Start Guide in our document library here.

Buy a RIIM development kit to test RIIM 2.0 for yourself! You can buy a development kit here. If you already have a RIIM development kit, you can use the SDK to upgrade your boards and modules to the latest version!