Radiocrafts Has Just Released the New High Power RIIoT Modules and SDK

Radiocrafts has just released a new version of the RIIoT SPR SDK which includes support for the new RIIoT High Power Modules!

  • RC1880CFHP-SPR/GPR – high-power module supporting 27 dBm output power at 868 MHz.
  • RC1890CFHP-SPR/GPR – high-power module supporting 27 dBm output power at 915 MHz.

Radiocrafts’ Industrial IoT, RIIoT, is an efficient, 2-way symmetric, wireless IIoT star network supporting long range and very low power at 868 / 915 MHz. It was designed to be very easy to implement and to meet the tough sensor and actuator connectivity requirements for the industrial IoT.



Benefits of the RIIoT High-Power modules include:

You can read more about the RIIoT networkparts and tools required to build a RIIoT network, documentation for RIIoT modules, and supporting software tools on

The High-Power RIIoT Module development kits and samples are now available for order as well! Contact your local distributor for more information. Also available on Digi-Key shortly!