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RIIM, Radiocrafts Leading Sub-GHz Mesh Solution

Become market leader in both price and performance competition with Sub-GHz mesh networking!

RIIM is a next-generation market-leading low power long range wireless communication network completely embedded in an RF module. The state-of-the-art features included in RIIM were specifically designed to solve major issues most LPWAN solutions struggle with today, including, low power consumption, scalability issues, unreliable communication in challenging environments, lack of bandwidth, efficient two-way communication problems, and more. These features are essential for many applications such as smart irrigation, smart street lighting, EV charger communication, emergency lighting, solar installations, wireless sensor networks, and much more.

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How RIIM Tackles Low Power Issues

The entire world is starting to adopt smart IoT solutions in a global effort to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint. Many applications which could be optimized by smart devices are located in hard-to-reach places or entail deploying hundreds of thousands of  sensors. These types of applications require very low power battery operation which is often a lacking feature in LPWAN solutions today.

RIIM has a number of features that reduce power consumption enabling 15+ years battery lifetime on 2 AA batteries. These include:

  1. The chosen electronic components inside are low power to start with.
  2. Network end nodes can be put in “Sleepy” mode, reducing the current consumption to 4.7 uA. In deep sleep mode, the power is reduced even further to 2.8 uA.
  3. The output power of the module is configurable, not to consume more power than needed during transmit.
  4. RIIM nodes can sleep when there is no time slot for incoming or outgoing RF data packages.
  5. RIIM nodes can handle down to 35uA @ 3.3v average power consumption enabling all battery devices in the network to further extend the network coverage. 20 uA in 150 kbps mode.
  6. The data processing that can be done by the customer in ICI can save substantial power. RIIM supports cloud computing which means instead of sending all raw sensor reading data to the Cloud, the user can just send the interesting data, such as an alarm when a threshold is met.

How RIIM Tackles Scalability Issues

A huge problem for LPWAN solutions today is the growing radio noise interference from global deployments of new or existing IoT devices and networks making it increasingly difficult to have scalable and reliable networks.

The RIIM network is designed to support up to 1000 devices in a single network thanks to it’s short transmission pulses and support for TSCH (Time Synchronized Channel Hopping). 

Channel Hopping works by re-sending a data packet that was lost between two devices on a different channel in the next available time slot. It was designed to make a mesh network with minimal packet collisions and higher reliability. A TSCH network has a proven reliability of up to 99.99%, even in large networks. 

Additionally, TSCH enables RIIM nodes to send up to 27 dBm output power thereby creating a sub 1-GHz mesh network with huge coverage of up to 40 x 40 km squared (25 x 25 mi squared).

Adaptive Frequency Agility is also supported by RIIM which works by scanning and marking all channels that are often found to be noisy, dropping them from the frequency hopping list. This ensures that the radio only transmits data on the channels with the least noise providing high data throughput networking and low latency with minimal packet loss.

Furthermore, a RIIM enabled device can handle down to 28uA @ 3.3v average power consumption allowing ultra-low power battery operated devices in the network to further extend the network coverage.

These RIIM features combined creates a network with unmatched reliability, efficient scalability, and ultra-low power, even in hard-to-reach locations. 

RIIM has great coverage

How RIIM Tackles Lack of Bandwidth Issues

Existing LPWAN solutions today struggle with the vast amounts of data communication required by a modern smart city or industrial control application without breaking duty cycle limitations.

The Adaptive Frequency Agility feature also allows for high-throughput networking by taking the allowed duty cycle in Europe from 1% to around 40%. For example, you can now go from sending 1 data packet to the gateway every 4 seconds to 40 data packets every 4 seconds!

This is a game-changer for applications that require higher throughput such as street lighting or smart irrigation! In addition, RIIM supports a 150 kbps mode.

On top of that, RIIM supports Mist computing to reduce bandwidth requirements and for fast responses to local events. In addition, this allows the user to only send the sensor data they find interesting up to the cloud instead of sending all raw sensor reading data.

How RIIM Tackles Efficient 2-Way Communication Issues

RIIM supports efficient and symmetrical 2-way communication allowing for Over-The-Air Updates which makes RIIM a future-proofed solution.

This means that the user can upgrade their highly intelligent RIIM enabled device in the field when the network is already deployed and fully operational.

The RIIM intelligence comes from Radiocrafts’ ICI framework. An ICI application is always running on the module to tailor the module’s behavior to the customer’s unique requirements. In its simplest form, the ICI application is just configuring the radio network, the modules hardware interfaces, and defines when to read and write to those interfaces.

With the ICI and Over-The-Air Updates combo, you can create new sensor/actuator interfaces, new signal processing algorithms, and updated security patches. You can also keep the underlying RF system firmware current using RIIM Over-the-Air updates.


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