RIIoT™ By Radiocrafts Product Training Module (Tutorial Video) is Available at Digi-Key.com!

RIIoT™ By Radiocrafts Product Training Module (tutorial video) is available at Digi-Key.com!

Do you want to create a highly reliable, industrial grade, long range, star network that can run on ultra-low power with only a few weeks of development? Then you WILL want to consider RIIoT™ by Radiocrafts as a strong solution. Radiocrafts has just released a RIIoT™ Product Training Module on the Digi-Key website to help you understand the RIIoT™ network, the benefits and target applications, the various support tools Radiocrafts has to offer for RIIoT™, the various gateway options you can choose from, and much more.

In the RIIoT™ Product Training Module, Radiocrafts discusses how we decided to design RIIoT™ based on a number of common challenges faced by designers when trying to create an industrial grade access system. Two of those challenges being that existing solutions are often times too complex and require significant engineering investments. The presentation focuses on these and other challenges and provides RIIoT™ by Radiocrafts as a commercial solution to these challenges.

The presentation goes into detail on the RIIoT™ network and target applications, including but not limited to:

  • Smart city
  • Smart building
  • Energy management systems
  • Control applications


The Product Training Module then goes into great detail on the 10 advantages which Radiocrafts deems are most important for RIIoT™ to tackle the aforementioned challenges. These advantages include:

  • Designed for industrial grade quality.
  • Short development time, the complete network is supported by the module.
  • Very low Power (coin cell battery operation)
  • 2-way symmetric communication with short delays for control applications
  • Long range
  • Global Support, software configurable 868/915 MHz
  • Connects to any sensor chip/controller via ICI
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Tailor made solutions available through Radiocrafts design services

Following the 10 advantages of RIIoT™, the presentation shows the abundance of support tools available on the Radiocrafts website to assist you in designing your very own RIIoT™ network. These tools include:

  • The RIIoT Development Kit (Read more)
  • The RIIoT SDK, which is available for download here. (Read more)
  • The RIIoT Gateway Software Package, which is available for download here. (Read more)

So, if you want to create an industrial grade, long range, low power, low packet loss, 2-way symmetric, wireless network in a very short time without the need of subscription/license fees, then RIIoT is a great solution for you. Watch the RIIoT Product Training Module here.