Ultra Low Power Sub-GHz Mesh Solution For Sensor and Control Solutions!

Does your application require industrial-grade ultra-low power consumption for battery-operated devices and minimal maintenance costs? Ultra-low sleep current when not receiving or transmitting data? And good downlink radio communication for over-the-air updates and touchless firmware upgrades?

In today’s modern world, we are seeing a greater need to gather sensor data in an area without infrastructure. It could be on a construction site, cornfield, or a railway bridge in the desert. In these cases, getting main powered to all the sensors or putting up mains power gateways is not economically feasible. Additionally, the amount of data, requirement for two-way communication and battery lifetime requirement makes traditional LPWANs fail.

Radiocrafts can help you achieve these requirements with our long-range sub-GHz IP mesh module, RIIM, which can support 2 years battery life on 2 AA batteries, 118 µA at 3.3v average power consumption, sleep current as low as 2.5 µA, and symmetrical 2-way communication for efficient over-the-air updates for long lasting projects.

RIIM is also an ideal solution for your application because it supports several features that reduce power consumption for industry-leading low power battery operation, including:

  1. The electronic components inside the module are low power to start with.
  2. The network end nodes can be put in “Sleep” mode, reducing the current consumption to 4.7 uA, 2.5 uA in deep sleep mode.
  3. You can configure the output power on the module not to consume more power than needed during data transmissions.
  4. Time Synchronized Channel hopping (TSCH) allows RIIM mesh routers to go to sleep as well when there is no time slot for incoming or outgoing RF data packages.
  5. The data processing you can do in RIIM can save substantial power too. RIIM supports cloud computing which means instead of sending all sensor reading data to the cloud, you can only send the required or desired data.

In addition, RIIM is a future proof solution which allows you to perform over-the-air upgrades on RIIM nodes in the field when the network is already deployed and fully operational, including creating new sensor/actuator interfaces.

Want to learn more about the ultra low power capabilities in RIIM? Explore the following application notes and videos!

If you want to test RIIM for your own industrial sensor or control applications, we recommend you buy a RIIM Development Kit from either Digi-Key or from a distribution partner near you!