Meet Radiocrafts at Irrigation Show 2022!

Meet Radiocrafts at Irrigation Show 2022 in Las Vegas on December 5th – 9th! Schedule a meeting with us at booth number 946!

irrigation show

At Irrigation Show 2022, Radiocrafts will be introducing the latest upgrades to our state-of-the-art sub-GHz wireless mesh solution, RIIM, providing an ideal solution for smart irrigation networks!

RIIM is the optimal solution for your smart irrigation network if you require:

  • Highly Scalable Network– Cover a residential area or a semi-rural open environment as large as 80 x 80 km² (50 x 50 mi²) with up to 1000 sensors on a single gateway.
  • Very Low Power for Battery Operation– RIIM can support a battery life of 2 years on 2 AA batteries, for example.
  • Unmatched robustness in data transmission success rates– RIIM supports channel hopping which enables a data packet delivery rate of 99.99%.
  • Long Range –Long range and the possibility to have 1000 devices in a single network reduces installation costs as less gateways are needed to support a large-scale deployment. RIIM also supports a radio communication range of up to 1400 meters between devices simplifying radio coverage planning.
  • Symmetrical 2-way communication– Essential for both collecting sensor readings and controlling devices such as valves (Open valve in just a few seconds). In addition it allows for over-the-air updates for touchless firmware updates.
  • High-throughput networking with minimal packet loss – With RIIM it is possible to take the duty cycle in Europe from 1% to 40% which is essential to keep up with the large amounts of data communication required by a Smart Irrigation deployment.
  • Time-synchronization– Management of precise start and stop times for certain events such as, starting irrigation of a specific part of the field immediately after irrigation stops in another part to decrease water pressure in the pipes.
  • Radiocrafts’ ICI Framework Embedded in the module, it allows you to directly interface to virtually any sensor/actuator, such as UV sensors, soil moisture sensors, wind sensors, rain/freeze sensors, and more.
  • And much more!

If you want to learn more about these technologies or to experience the demos we will be showcasing, email us at prior to the exhibition to reserve time for a personal meeting with one of our staff at the booth location.

For more information about the trade shows, please visit the official website of Irrigation Show 2022.