EMH Metering Certified Smart Meter Gateway with Radiocrafts Module Inside!

Oslo, Norway, 2020-02-17

Radiocrafts AS, a leading provider of RF modules and wireless connectivity solutions, is proud to announce inclusion in the EMH metering Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) that has been certified under German regulations in December 2019.



Radiocrafts has been a strategic supplier to EMH metering since the first German trials and pilot rollouts of Smart Meters in 2010. However, the mass deployment of the new Smart Meters was then delayed by new security requirements from the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI). Now, with the certification of the EMH metering gateway, the full rollout can finally start.

The SMGW by EMH metering is the communication unit for the intelligent measurement system (iMsys). With the CASA smart meter gateway, EMH metering provides a device that meets all BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) requirements for a 1st generation SMGW. The design of CASA is based on interoperable standards so that the gateway can be connected to meters and switchgear from any manufacturer. In addition, various additional functions can be integrated with the gateway modules. This offers a decisive competitive advantage during the rollout phase of intelligent metering systems.

“Radiocrafts has been a long-time trusted supplier to EMH metering”, confirms René Giebel, Product Manager at EMH metering. “The radio module is a vital part of the new certified SMGW, and reaching this certification is a major milestone for us, enabling the Smart Meter rollout in the German market”.



“Radiocrafts is proud to be a part of the new BSI certified Smart Meter Gateway made by EMH metering. This confirms our leading position as a Wireless M-Bus module provider” says Peder Martin Evjen, Managing Director at Radiocrafts. 

The RC1180-MBUS3 radio module operating at 868 MHz is compliant with the Wireless M-Bus standard EN 13757-4 and designed to support the OMS 4.0 specification, and hence, the new security requirements. The radio module is configurable to be used in a meter, a gateway or a repeater. Radiocrafts is providing variants of the module for other markets using different frequency bands such as 169 and 433 MHz.

An RF module from Radiocrafts is always compatible with the latest additions to the standard as we take an active part in the standardization process in both CEN and OMS. If you are interested in testing Radiocrafts RC1180-MBUS3 world leading RF module for your own development project, you can purchase a development kit from Radiocrafts!

You can download software tools for the RC1180-MBUS3 module here.

You can read documentation for the module at our document library here.

You can watch supporting videos for Wireless M-Bus on our Webinars and Video Snippets page here.

Buy a world leading RC1180-MBUS3 development kit here.