[ANT] We are making device based on your module. We need advice regarding antenna, because we’d like to use best possible antenna. Does it make sense to use long antenna, f.e full wave antenna. What would be theoretical gain comparing to half-wave antenna?

“It is difficult to give a specific answer to such a general question.

Antenna is always a trade-off between cost/size/performance etc.

WP008: Antenna Selection Guide For ISM Bands

If there is room the bigger antenna is better

A 5/8 dipole is a very good antenna. (total length is 1.25*wavelength)

A quarter wave on a good ground plane is often a good compromise.
But is require that product have a decent ground plane and that housing is not too lossy.

Moving the antenna to outside of enclosure is always positive for range.”

    Last Update: January 24, 2020  

    September 14, 2017   1200    Antenna Q&A