[ANT] “If we use a SMA antenna it will increase significantly the cost of the transmitter We are looking for an embedded low cost antenna solution to be inserted in our enclosure ( coil, ceramic or any other alternative…). Do you have customer experience in this field ? What are your customers using ? Do you have any recommendations ? “

“Yes, no need to use SMA connectors here; antenna should be intergrated into the encloseure to prevent destruction.
The larger – the better.
Ceramic antennas are usually made very small and is a severe compromize with performance. A wire coil or PCB meander line would perform better. But they need to matched properly. Because the transmitter is small, the ground plane is not a ground plance, but must be considered more like one arm in a diple. Hence, the antenna must be tuned on the PCB, in the casing, for optimum performance.
A coil 10cm high, 3 cm in diameter could be a good starting point.

    Last Update: October 5, 2017  

    October 5, 2017   1228    Antenna Q&A