[GENERAL] “The application is based on a master which will send a broadcast frame. Slaves will receive the frame and will answer to the master simultaneously. How to manage anticollision. How will the master be able to manage several answers at the same time? “

“The Master cannot manage several answers at the same time. Our radio modules (or any other radio system in the market) are not able to receive two incoming messages at the same time since they will interfere with each other. The application software must ensure that collision do not take place. You have in principle two alternative solutions.
1. The master ask each of the slaves for information, by using different DID in each message. When one slave has answered the Master can change the DID and ask a new slave for message.
2. If broadcast is used, the slaves can use the broadcast message as a beacon information. Each slave has their own defined time-stamp, and know when to send after the beacon is received.

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