[GENERAL] “We were testing the range of RC1700HP and we were able to reach about 500 or 600m (NLOS) which is far away from 1.5km you write on your web page. We used this configuration: – VCC_P was 3V3, so the TX power was 24 dBm – H169-SMA antennas on both sides (1/4 wave) – Channel 2a, 2.4kbps data rate, frame format A Please, could you give as some suggestions for increasing the range? Even if the receiver sensitivity should be -119 dBm, the lowest signal received during our test was -105dBm (reported by the module). Does it mean that the noise floor is about this value? “

[General] “I have a question regarding the coexistence of your 900MHzISM radios such as RC1081 with GSM. A GSM transmitter emits 33 dBm but your maximum allowed input power is 10 dBm. Does this translate into the rather demanding requirement of minimum 23dB antenna isolation? What is the effect of having above 10dBm fed into transceiver, will the receiver only be temporarily saturated or is there a risk of permanent damage. What is the maximum allowed level to avoid permanent damage. A second question regarding interferers. As I read your datasheet a blocking interferer can be allowed to be -106dBm+3(level above sensitivity limit)+75(stated typ interferer rejection)=-28dBm. Am I interpretating your figures correctly? “