[GENERAL] Could you confirm the moisture class on the modules?

“We have not been able to formally declare a specific MSL level as semiconductor manufacturers do, due to the module assembly and test process. But we decided to vacuum all full reels that we ship, to stop any moisture exposure under transport and storage before use. We have not experienced any issues with moisture, but was asked by some clients to provide vacuum packs, so we introduced this for all shipments just as precaution.

– Modules have no problem to be stored 4 weeks in an un-sealed ESD-bag or on the reel only at a production plant. If we use the Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Plastic Integrated Circuit (IC) SMDs this equals
MSL 2A knowledge, but as the module just contains Plastic integrated circuits and not is such an IC itself, we have not previously used the terms MSL xx or specified this for our modules.
– per today small volumes and first deliveries are/were shipped in non-sealed ESD bags. For volume deliveries we supply the reels in sealed ESD bags.
– After reception at your production plant, 4 weeks storage of an opened bag before production is no problem. We have tested modules stored > 1 year on tape only and SMD mounted them on PCBs, and soldering ability were good (gold plating of LGAs) and there were no sign of malfunction or problems due to humidity encapsulation

    Last Update: January 18, 2018  

    January 18, 2018   773    General FAQ