[GENERAL] “We will need industrial standards and are wondering why the industrial modul RC17xxHP-RC232 is designed for a temperature range of just -30 to +85 °C and the general purpose modul RC1180HP-RC232 ha a temp. range of -40 to +80? Could you help us in understanding this specifications please. “

“RC1180HP is a wideband/normal transceiver.
This means limited sensitivity and no special protection toward interference.

RC1780HP is a narrowband transceiver. This means much better sensitivity and much more robustness vs interference.
This is fixed by narrow RX filtering.

Due to the narrowband technology this type of technology is often preferred in industrial application were reliability of link is critical.

The narrowband technology give one drawback. The frequency of transmitter and received must be close to identical. Due to this there must a temperature compensated crystal oscillator(TCXO) in narrowband transceivers.

The TCXO we use has a given accuracy in the -30/85 degree range that we utilize. The TCXO does operate down to -40 in its specification , but then with slightly more variance.

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