[W-MBUS] We have an issue with the UART communication

Without RTS/CTS you have the risk of getting out of sync. This must be handled in your hos controller.
If you receive a packet on RF and the host controller start to send on UART in the same timeframe, then module can receive RF, print on UART and then starte listening on the UART port.
This might be in the middle of a UART frame from host controller.
I think the statement that you sometime have to reset module is interesting. I think that could be because you enter config mode in normal packet mode.
If module receive an ‘0x00’ on UART as first byte this might be what happens.
Running a module in config mode and sending packet through UART is a recipe for strange behaviour.

    Last Update: August 8, 2017  

    July 21, 2017   2371    Wireless M-Bus Q&A