[W-MBUS] Since the user manual aslo states (again at pag. 4) that “When blue data appears, it doesn’t guarantee that this data has been sent over RF, it has been sent into the serial port only, as this depends on the state of the RF module”, I suspect that the RF module can be in different “states”. Is it true? Wich are these states? How can we handle them?

I would recommend to use the MBUS-DEMO in the start instead of MBUS-CCT. Please also ensure that you power the boards using the DC jack. The USB cable is for communication and is not able to provide required power for the transmitter. Also ensure that the boards has Antenna connected and that the boards are separated enough so the receiver is not reaching saturation due to strong signals. A few meter distance should be sufficient.

    Last Update: October 23, 2017  

    October 23, 2017   1361    Wireless M-Bus Q&A