[KNX] “I am interested about a device to comunicate KNX devices with web server Ethernet via HTTP Protocol, receive KNX values and send to Ethernet via HTTP_Request POST or PUT, and receive value via HTTPRequest_Get. What kind of device have I to buy to do it, no matter if I have to programmer the device? “

“The KNX RF module we have do have a specific UART interface with a specific format of the data, see KNX User Manual on our website.
In order to connect the RF module to Ethernet you must have an external MCU with Ethernet support, and you must program inside this MCU the code which takes
the IP-stack, which is normally for free, and you must embed the UART communication and UART API towards the module on top of this stack. So there are some programming efforts to
achieve this. I assume you have already chosen a MCU with Ethernet and UART and has already figured out how to hook it up to the Ethernet. Then the UART traffic is quite straight forward.

    Last Update: November 9, 2017  

    November 9, 2017   1419    KNX Q&A