[GENERAL] What do the numbers mean in product name?

The Radiocrafts module part numbers in general consist of four digits (RCxxyzAA-BBB) after “RC”, and then some letters. RCxx indicates the hardware family. RC11 is a general purpose family, while RC12 and RC17 are narrowband. The following digits are variants, such as frequency band (RC1140 cover 433 MHz) or additional memory. Optionally AA can be used to indicate a special feature, such as high power variant (HP), integrated antenna (AT), or integrated connector (CT). After the hyphen, BBB will indicate the communication protocol, such as RC232, MBUS, KNX, TM, ZNM etc. Read more about the different communication protocols under the product pages. Always make sure you refer to the complete part number when contacting Radiocrafts about a certain module.

    Last Update: August 8, 2017  

    March 3, 2017   885    General FAQ