[RC232] “When I connect to the development board using your software (“”RC232 Configuration and Communication Tool””), everything works fine. But when I connect to the development board from inside my own application for the first time each day (e.g. in the morning when the dev. boards have been powered down for a couple of hours), it only sends 0x00s via the air interface, no matter what i want to send, everything is zero. When I then connect to the board once with your software, everything works fine again and also my application afterwards works fine, and I can send everything correctly again. But I have to do this every morning again. Maybe you have any ideas what the reason for this is or what I could do to fix this problem? “

“This is the following pseudo code that RC232_CCT is running just after the serial port is opened:

Write ‘X’
Set RTS high
Discard Input Buffer
Discard Output Buffer

If you still have problem running your application the first time, try to hardware reset the RC1240DB using the RESET button on the board.

    Last Update: November 8, 2017  

    November 8, 2017   1486    RC232 Q&A