[RC232] “I have a question for the RC2500HP-RC232, which seems not to be listed in the datasheet. We have the RC2500HP-RC232 connected to a supply voltage of 3.3v. Which voltage will the uart tx output from the RC2500HP-RC232 be? We found a other note on your site, that suggested that it would only have 2.7v on the uart tx pin, even though the module was supplied with 3.3v. “

“Look at the RC2500HP-RC232 datasheet;
and on page 3 it is tried to visualize that the output pin TXD is pulled to VCC when high. So if VCC=3.3V, then TXD will also be 3.3V.

    Last Update: September 14, 2017  

    September 14, 2017   1532    RC232 Q&A