[RIIM] Can I have more than one Border Router in my RIIM Network?

A RIIM network consists of any combination of Leaf Nodes+Mesh Routers, but it can only have one Border Router. The Border Router is the root of the network. It is responsible for network setup, network maintenance, and book-keeping of vital network information. Thus, a RIIM network can only have one Border Router.

However, for redundancy purposes, 2 Border Routers can “exist” in  a RIIM network with the condition that only one of them is operational at any given moment. Meaning, a user can set up his RIIM network normally with Border Router A, so the nodes joining this network will join on PAN ID A. Then, the user can keep a Border Router B, which would have PAN ID B, in the same area. The user can then program his nodes, through ICI, in a manner that would make the nodes change their PAN IDs to B in case of long-term loss of connection to Border Router A. This will create redundancy in the network and make the nodes join the other Border Router in case the original Border Router is no longer operational for any reason.

    Last Update: March 18, 2020  

    March 18, 2020   1051    RIIM Q&A