[RIIM] Is there a upper limit for the number of repeater nodes or total number of nodes in the network? How many repeaters (hops) we can have between leaf and gateway? Assume 50kbps data rate and each leaf transmitting 2 times/minute 20bytes of payload data.

Total number of nodes can reach 1000, total number of hops can reach 28. It always depends on how many packets are reaching the Border Router per second. If you have 60 nodes, each sending every 30 seconds. This means the Border Router is receiving 2 packets per second, which is kind of in the limit. We prefer the Border Router receiving 3-4 packets per second. Also, if all this traffic is routed through one Mesh Router at the edge, to reach the Border Router, this will mean that this Mesh Router will have to stay awake a lot and consume power. So architecture also matters.

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