[TINYMESH] In the datasheet it says RTS signal may block the GWAY if held high too long. How long is that duration?

“If RTS is held high by the host, to signal unavailability, the Gateway module will stop sending invite-beacons ( HIAM packets) to the mesh network, and the Gateway will ignore packets that are being received from Router nodes by refraining from sending ‘Acknowledge’ packets.
– If the ‘Connect Check’ time of the router modules are set to the default value of 4 seconds, the mesh will start disconnecting after 4 seconds of inactivity from the Gateway.
– If a Router module attempts sending a packet to the Gateway, and receives no ‘Acknowledge’ packet in return, it will retry packet transmission 25 times (default setting), before disconnecting.
Avearge time between retransmits will be approximately 100ms, for a total of 2.5 seconds before disconnect.
Note: The packet will not be lost, but held by the Router device until a valid connection has been reestablished.

    Last Update: November 8, 2017  

    November 8, 2017   1333    Tinymesh Q&A