[TINYMESH] “We have to develop a system that it can to locate people. I have thought to use RC tiny mesh using the RSSI level, but I would need to know what router I am connected and the RSSI of that router (not all the net). Is that possible? “

“There are several options for you to identify the path of each received packet in a Tinymesh network (packet mode only);
– in packet mode, the path is identified in the packet header upon reception of a sent packet
– Or you can ask the Router “Get_Path” commando to a Router, and it will respond back with its connectivity to the Gateway
– Alternatively, you can enable the Locator function in Tinymesh, and it might be the most useful one;
With locator function, you can identify the closest Router to any moving device in the network, and it will give you an approximate location.
You must set the I am alive packet to be sent on a regular basis as the moving node moves through the network. By default, this parameter is set to “never”.

    Last Update: November 16, 2017  

    November 16, 2017   1530    Tinymesh Q&A