[TINYMESH “We would like to make application when one measured parameter (I.e Tempearture) will be transferred in 11 floor building to basement where GSM concentrator is installed. Measuring device should transmit every 15 minutes and need to live on battery minimum 3 years. “

Range: 11 floors in one hop is challenging. It depends on if the RF can travel in the stairs or through windows, its hard to tell.
Power; Assuming sleep < 1 uA, and TX around 500mA peak, packet length 50ms, then average current consumption is 500mA * 50ms/60*1000*15ms= 28 uA average.
So one 16Ah battery will last: 16/28uA=571k hours = maaany years.

    Last Update: September 22, 2017  

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