[TINYMESH] In the recent datasheets I’ve seen (HP) TINY MESH modules. At some locations it’s likely that we’d install distant routers, i.e. in an apartment say the concentrator is at the 8-9thth floor and the router is at the basement. Can HP module be an answer for this? Or is it only a cure for long distance line of sight applications?

“The RC1180HP-TM will increase range by 15 dB improved link budget. Line of sight this is almost 6 times increased range, but in a building then a concrete floor might introduce 15 dB extra attenuation, so that
it might still not reach 8-9 floors, it heavily depends on the building construction.

    Last Update: November 8, 2017  

    November 8, 2017   1781    Tinymesh Q&A