[WSN] What type of Wireless Sensor Networks does Radiocrafts support?

Radiocrafts modules are used in a wide range of applications within the WSN category. The applications range from sensors in buildings, to sensors at process plants, and sensors for agriculture. Some examples of projects using radio modules from Radiocrafts are Smoke detectors, Emergency alarm systems, Tank level monitoring, Irrigation control, Solar plant control system, Crane controls, Asset tracking systems, and Metering devices. Our wide range of modules and technologies will most certainly also provide you a solution for your next WSN.

Our Wireless M-Bus technology is used for meter reading, suitable for battery operated water and gas meters, as well as electricity meters. It is also used for general sensors in building energy management and waste handling. The narrowband solution at 169 MHz gives the best range and coverage for battery operated meters installed in basements or pits.
RC232 is a proven, reliable and easy to use proprietary protocol for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks.

Tinymesh is a very low cost proprietary mesh based solution used in electricity meter reading and street light control.

Sigfox is a narrowband LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) with a cellular infrastructure, providing long range at low cost for low data rates. The sensor data is accessible directly in the cloud.

ZNM – the Zigbee Network Module is based on an established mesh standard for control and monitoring applications in building automation and Smart Energy management systems.

The KNX RF Multi is a proven home and building automation standard, compatible with wired (power line and twisted pair) implementations of the KNX standard.

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