[W-MBUS] “Under which circumstances does the Radiocrafts module filter out messages ? Is it based on the C-Field on the data link layer and the CI field on the application layer ? If so, is there a way to switch this off ? “

The C-field is used to check if it is an installation request message. (in installation mode)
When all messages are accepted this will mean the the master will receive all messages. Slave will still only receive massages addressed to it selves.

There is no other filtering.
But remember a master in T2 will send at S-mode. (this is how the standard is written)
So a master in T2 mode will not be able to receive other masters in T2-Mode!

    Last Update: September 22, 2017  

    September 22, 2017   1666    Wireless M-Bus Q&A