[W-MBUS] “We did configure one module in Sniffer mode and the other one in continuous data packet transmission. Whatever the transmission mode selected ( T2 or T1) the sniffer sees datapackets in 06 mode meaning T2 configuration. “

“it seems like you have chosen Packet = Access Demand Install in the MBUS-DEMO tool, hence the C-field is 06 (see the field shown to the lower left of the window). You can edit the C-field, or you can choose another test packet.

The C-field value is not determined by the mode (T1 or T2), but by the configuration of the C-field (using the “”F”” command). The MBUS_DEMO tool configure the C-value according to the setting in the “”MBUS C-field and UART packet”” window.

    Last Update: November 9, 2017  

    November 9, 2017   1242    Wireless M-Bus Q&A