[W-MBUS] “Dear Radiocrafts team,, would you have a solution as to where we could take a wired mbus connection from meters and convert to wmbus or a radio signal enabling us to read the meters remotely? “

“Wired Mbus to wireless is a challenge from power side of view.
A wired MBus meter is a slave and the is powered through the wired Mbus cable.

Thus for a “dongle” to power up the slave MBus, read over Mbus and then send over wireless Mbus requires much power.
So either the dongle will have very low battery lifetime or mains powered.

All the business cases we have seen on over the last years for this has collapsed due to the power supply issue.

    Last Update: January 18, 2018  

    January 18, 2018   1476    Wireless M-Bus Q&A