[W-MBUS] “In your mbus manual wrote (pag 4): “”In OMS (MBUS3) the master sends a command with its own address as Link Layer Address, and the slaves address as Application Layer Address.”” You mean that only long Appl header (12 byte) containing the slave address is granted ? If I got it the MUC and slaves have same link address (i.e MUC address) .. is it correct? Does your mailbox feature use this format ? “

Yes, the application layer is only used for long header (12 bytes).If long header is used the slave address is used as the application layer address, and used for identification. The mailbox support application layer. If the mailbox message is intended for one slave only you can add the slave address into the mailbox message after CI field. If however the message is intended for several slaves you can use a template by using 0x00 for all application layer address bytes in the mailbox. The Master will in this case auto replace the 0x00 bytes with the slave address from the incoming slave message on the mailbox reply.

    Last Update: September 22, 2017  

    September 22, 2017   1425    Wireless M-Bus Q&A