[W-MBUS] “Regarding the modulation, I have a question about setting the modulation method. In my measurements , I changed the RF frequency with the volatile ‘C’ command. There is no volatile command to change the modulation method, so I left it at default. Then I find that the message transmission time at RF is the same for all channels, suggesting that the modulation scheme is the same. Is this the case, and is the default modulation valid for all channels? I need not be compatible with strict EN 13757. “

“When it comes to modulation method it can only be set in non-volatile configuration memory and by choosing the right data rate: So RF_DATA_RATE=0x04 = 19.2 kbps is with 4GFSK while 2.4 and 4.8 kbps is with GFSK.
Unfortunately you will have to change the RF data rate in non volatile memory at the same time you change the channel number.”

    Last Update: January 18, 2018  

    January 18, 2018   1283    Wireless M-Bus Q&A