[W-MBUS] “Sometimes RC1180-MBUS3 stops responding and we found that the configuration registers in module’s flash are damaged (FFs instead of meaningful values). Do you have any suggestions what should we check on our side? Any ideas what could be the reason of the configuration lost? “

“The most likely reason for corrupting the configuration memory is when using the “M” command, and the internal re-flashing sequence is interrupted. When using the M-command, please make sure to wait for the prompt (>) after you send the last 0xFF, before removing power or resetting the module.

Also avoid using the M-command if not required (check if value is actually different before writing, or use volatile memory command instead if possible (P, C etc)).

    Last Update: September 14, 2017  

    September 14, 2017   1331    Wireless M-Bus Q&A