Meet Radiocrafts and GREATech at Sigfox Workshop

Sigfox Workshop – September 21, 2017 in Düsseldorf

Sigfox is already one of the basic standards in IoT communication.

The network, which is already available in 33 countries worldwide, offers some basic advantages: extremely low energy consumption, very low costs and worldwide availability. Recent studies are predicting a huge growth potential in the area of ​​networked systems in the coming years.

Nevertheless, for many traditional companies the question arises as to how a start into the world of the IoT can look and which important points have to be considered. Starting with the question “What is Sigfox” up to a practical report, we want to show you the way from the idea to the finished device.

Meet Radiocrafts and GREATech at the Sigfox Workshop on 21st of September

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