Mioty For Smart Metering! Benefits and Development Tools!

Mioty will revolutionize Smart Metering as a new LPWAN with the best-in-class reliability, noise resilience, scalability, and battery lifetime of all LPWANs today to support massive IoT deployments.

MIOTY is optimal for Smart Metering for various reasons:

  • The main traffic in a metering application is meter data going up to the gateway which is optimal for a Mioty network if you wish to scale it up to tens of thousands of nodes.
  • Metering also typically includes a large number of devices, one per household, which in a city environment can be quite dense in a single network. This is an advantage for Mioty as it supports highly reliable communication. Even in noisy environments with a lot of interference, thanks to the Telegram Splitting technology.
  • Metering is a data critical application which requires up to 99% or more successful data message delivery to have a viable business case, which, is supported by Mioty.
  • Metering projects typically have a long operation lifetime requirement. Mioty supports very low power consumption for battery operation such as in gas and water meters, easily reaching a battery lifetime of 10-20 years.

The challenge for LPWANs operating in the license free spectrum is that they are more prone to interference. As the number of devices and data traffic increases, the spectrum becomes more crowded and interference problems become worse, causing the network to potentially lose a large amount of data. In a Smart Metering application, where data delivery is critical, losing large amounts of data will make your solution impractical.

Mioty uses Telegram Splitting, which splits a message into several sub-packets and sends them at different times and frequencies. Since the airtime of these sub-packets is much shorter than that of other existing LPWANs, the chance of collisions with another message is lower. Even if 50% of sub-packets do not make it to the gateway, the full message will be successfully reassembled due to redundancy in the FEC (Forward Error Correction).

The Ultra-Narrowband Telegram Splitting technology (UNB-TS) makes Mioty well suited for critical data communication like utility meter reading using shared (license-free) spectrum.

Radiocrafts module

Radiocrafts has recently released the world’s first shielded Mioty RF module which is available now for sampling.

The RC1882CEF-MIOTY1 module provides a UART interface using an AT command set. The module is also supported by a Development Kit consisting of two Development Boards and accessories that out-of-the-box can be connected to a PC, and ready to send application data to a Mioty gateway. The module will work with any third-party Mioty gateway.

We strongly recommend you buy the Mioty Development Kit as the kit enables you to quickly and easily create a wireless link to test range and radio performance.

You can read the Radiocrafts MIOTY module roadmap here.

You can find the RC1882CEF-MIOTY1 datasheet here.

Buy a Mioty Development Kit here.