Radiocrafts Announces A New UART Transparent Mode for Our IP Mesh Solution, RIIM!

This mode of operation allows for the seamless transmission of data in a UART transparent mode. Data entered at the input on one module can be observed unchanged at the output of a different module. Thus, giving the user an easy-to-operate simple network, without the need for complex formatting.’

Review our application note, AN040: UART Transparent Mode Using RIIM for more details!



Radiocrafts Industrial IP Mesh (RIIM) is a long range industrial IoT wireless IP mesh network completely embedded in a module. RIIM was developed for you to easily create your own industrial grade access network with direct IP connectivity, either from a local server or from the cloud.

What Are The Benefits of Using The UART Transparent Mode Over RIIM?

  • As a self-forming, self-healing mesh, RIIM offers users an easy to setup robust mesh network which requires minimal user setup.
  • RIIM offers the option to extend the network’s coverage using multi-hops (up to 28 hops).
  • By using RIIM’s multicast functionality, data entered via UART at the Border Router will be transmitted to all child nodes in the network. This happens with one line, without the need to address all child nodes individually.
  • By using RIIM’s ICI framework, the user can easily set and modify different parameters of the application, then compile and run it in a very short time. For example, the user can set the desired payload size or timer timeout periods.
  • The RIIM development kit includes boards that are equipped with 7 common industrial sensors and LEDS to allow the user different testing scenarios and minimal development time.

The transparent mode of the network is enabled by uploading a specific ICI application (customer application) to the module. The “Transparent Mode Application” is available to download as part of the RIIM SDK (software development kit). It is distributed as open source, and hence making adjustments and enhancements is very easy.

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We have written an Application note, AN040: UART Transparent Mode Using RIIM, detailing the features and benefits of using the UART transparent mode over RIIM, and then steps on how the transparent mode Application can be modified to fit a specific use case.

You can download the RIIM SDK here and test it yourself!

We recommend that you buy a RIIM Development Kit in your early stage product evaluation. The development kits are designed to be easy to use and to very quickly support a wireless link or network, where you can make a good analysis of the network performance. 

Order a RIIM Development Kit here!