Radiocrafts Announces The Release Of Our State-of-the-Art Wireless M-Bus Module, MBUS5!

Radiocrafts is proud to announce the new addition to our MBUS family, the MBUS5.

The new OMS4 compliant Wireless M-Bus module, MBUS5, is built on a modern System-on-Chip platform supporting market-leading Wireless M-Bus performance including:

  • Excellent packet reception performance
  • Superior interference immunity
  • High transmit power
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • And is fully customizable

With the modular firmware design, it offers a perfect platform for turn-key projects. This could include added application-oriented features or other HW solutions.

MBUS5 Specifications

We are now ready to ship an early release variant to selected alpha customers as development kits with the RC1883-MBUS5 module.

The early release will be upgradeable with future releases coming during the first half of 2024.

The MBUS5 module first release currently supports basic Wireless M-Bus functionality such as sending and receiving T/C mode packet.

For customers already using Radiocrafts modules, it is exceptionally easy to switch over to the new MBUS5 module. All Radiocrafts modules have the same footprint so no product or PCB re-design will be necessary. In addition, the module is CE pre-certified providing a truly fast to market experience!

If you are interested in becoming an Alpha Customer for Radiocrafts’ new and improved Wireless M-Bus module, please contact us at .

Similarly, you can schedule a meeting with us at E-World 2024 on February 20th – 22nd at Essen Germany, where we will be showcasing a live demonstration of the MBUS5 module!