Radiocrafts launches ZigBee® Smart Energy (SE) Module

Radiocrafts AS now expand their product line with a compact ZigBee module dedicated for Smart Energy application (ZNM-SE). The module is based on a ZigBee PRO compliant platform and offers a complete ZigBee PRO protocol including support for the ZigBee Smart Energy profile.
The module supports the Certificate Based Key Exchange (CBKE), and the entire Key-Establishment cluster is embedded in the module. This eases the development effort for customers and also eases the processing burden on the external processor. The Smart Energy application, being a meter, a display or a load control device, will be implemented in an external processor (MCU). The application will communicate with the module through an API via UART or SPI serial interface. The module can support any device specified in SE profile specification 1.0 and is also targeting all devices in the upcoming SE 1.1 release.
Certificates and initial encryption keys is also written to the module via the serial interface. The Smart Energy Module comes in two different hardware configurations, RC2400 and RC2400HP. The RC2400 is ideal for low power, battery operated products, while the RC2400HP has integrated 100mW PA and LNA adding significant range, gi
ving an impressive 119 dB link budget.

See the press release for more information.