Radiocrafts Offers Turn-Key Design and Customization of Modules!

Radiocrafts offers turn-key design, customization of modules and direct support to clients that engage in high volume module business with Radiocrafts.

Our RF expertise and design and direct support has allowed clients to create very efficient RF solutions with short development times for various design challenges, even when their in-house design resources were not sufficient or occupied in other projects.


The areas of expertise where Radiocrafts has long experience in are:

  • Customization of antenna and/or the antenna matching
  • PCB layout, particularly for RF
  • Power management (low power battery operation)
  • Design for EMC compliance
  • Complete turn-key designs (production ready)
  • Certification for CE and FCC compliance
  • Customization of the RF module
  • New frequency bands or radio regulations
  • Adaption of the protocol stack
  • Customized control for autonomous solutions
  • Customized interfaces (sensors, pulse inputs)

Radiocrafts module

Radiocrafts has helped several customers with design projects in the past, a few examples include: 

Do you have a high volume project that requires a custom solution? Contact Radiocrafts via our contact form and open a dialogue with us! We are happy to support our customers from concept all the way through to full production.