RIIM and RIIoT: Debugging Your ICI Application Code

Through extensive experience in supporting customers using our IP mesh module, RIIM, and our Industrial IoT module, RIIoT, Radiocrafts has collected a series of common errors and difficulties which these customers face, particularly in writing ICI application codes. We have compiled these common difficulties into an application note, AN054: Debugging with ICI, with solutions and guidelines on how to debug your ICI application code. The debugging methods include:

  • Debugging using the compiler log
  • Debugging using UART printouts
  • Debugging using GPIOs

The new application note also describes how these bugs might manifest themselves so that you can easily identify when you have made an error and quickly fix your code.

You might also be interested in exploring Radiocraft’s AN029: C-Programming of ICI application note which describes how easy it is to create your own highly intelligent network node with 100 lines of C-code or less using Radiocrafts’ ICI.

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