RIIM Battery Lifetime Estimation Tool is on GitHub!

Based on experience and feedback from supporting our valued customer’s and prospects using RIIM, Radiocrafts’ has created a RIIM Battery Lifetime Estimation Tool!

The Tool is a worksheet that helps users estimate the current consumption and hence the battery lifetime of a RIIM mesh node!

The tool is available on Radiocrafts’ GitHub page and is incredibly easy to use! Just open the input tab and enter as much accurate data as you can about your network in the orange fields (shown below). You can then observe how the battery lifetime and current consumption changes based on the input.

Radiocrafts’ Industrial IP Mesh solution, RIIM, is a very low power solution with several features that reduce power consumption, including:

  1. The chosen electronic components inside are low power to start with.
  2. The network leaf nodes can be put in “Sleepy” mode, reducing the current consumption to a minimum (4.7 uA).
  3. The output power of the module is configurable, not to consume more power than needed during transmit.
  4. The TSCH, Time Synchronized Channel hopping, allows for the Mesh routers to go to sleep when there is no time slot for incoming or outgoing RF data packages.
  5. The RIIM Mesh Router can handle down to 118uA @ 3.3v average power consumption enabling all battery devices in the network to further extend the network coverage.
  6. The data processing that can be done by the customer in ICI can save substantial power. RIIM™ supports cloud computing which means that instead of sending all raw sensor reading data to the Cloud, the user can just send the interesting data, such as an alarm when a threshold is met.

You can read more about the low power capabilities in RIIM from our Application Notes!

Want to test RIIM’s low power capabilities for yourself? Buy a development kit from Digi-Key or from a distribution partner near you!